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Be a Resident Assistant

Serve as a vital link between the University community and residence hall students, offering assistance for any concerns or inquiries. A Resident Assistant (RA) is assigned to each community within our residence halls. These experienced students coordinate and assist a residence hall floor, wing, or building, providing valuable information and support on personal and collegiate matters. RAs also foster a floor community, organize social and developmental events, and enforce policies.

Help Empower Students in our Residence Halls

The RA Application is available starting November 2nd and will close on January 31st.
All RA Applicants are highly encouraged to attend one information session to be eligible for hire. If you're unable to attend any sessions please email Lukas Metropoulos (
December 1st @ 6:00pm in the OSC Governors Room

Apply to be an RA

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November 2

RA application opens

December 1

Residents Assistant info session at 6:00 PM in the OSC Governors Room

February 12 - 23

Individual interviews

February 25 1:00-4:00

Group interviews

resident assistant staff 480w

RA Requirements and Qualifications

  • Must be available to move in 2 weeks before the Fall semester begins in August for RA Training
  • Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA
  • Must follow the staff code of ethics and alcohol policy
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student at PSU (10+ credits for undergraduate students and 9+ credits for graduate students)
  • Must be in good standing with the University and University Housing
  • Must have lived in a residence hall or on-campus apartment for 2 semesters prior to employment in Fall 2024

Resident Assistant FAQs

What is the interview process?

Individual Interview

The interviews will take place over two weeks. Candidates will have the opportunity to interview with housing staff members in two back-to-back individual interviews, spanning an hour in length.

The interview team for both interview processes will consist of Area Coordinators, Lead Resident Assistants, and Resident Assistants. 

Business casual dress is preferred.

Group Interview

Candidates will be placed in groups to complete tasks together. Food will be provided. Business casual dress is preferred.

What is the compensation?

Resident Assistants receive the following compensation:

  • Single room at no charge
  • Meal plan at no charge (options may be limited)
  • Stipend of $900 for the academic year, distributed quarterly (with yearly raises)
  • Opportunity for additional payment with collateral work

What are the qualities of an RA?

There is no "cookie-cutter" RA! We are looking for candidates who exhibit creativity, enthusiasm, honesty, a strong work ethic, communication and leadership skills, responsibility and time management. 

We will be looking for people who can positively contribute to each building community.

I don’t have a GPA at the time I submit my application.

You can notify us next semester about your GPA, by phone call or e-mail.

Can I choose the hall I work in?

You can not, we place the staff member based on fit and team chemistry.

Can I work another job while being an RA?

Yes, you can, but ONLY with approval from your Area Coordinator. You may be approved to work up to 15 hours per week of outside employment. You will check in regularly with your Area Coordinator to ensure that you're managing the RA position, your academic workload, and your outside employment well.

How early do I have to come back in the summer?

Usually about 2 weeks before the Fall semester begins.

Can you take time off?

Absolutely! We encourage RAs to utilize up to 16 days off per semester.

Do we have to stay for all semester breaks?

Holiday duty is equally distributed among the hall staff members, so each RA will have to work a specified number of days during certain breaks, such as Fall or Spring Break.

Winter and Summer Breaks are not included in your employment contract but are available to be worked for additional compensation to you.

Who will interview me?

The interview team for both interview processes will consist of current Area Coordinators, Lead Resident Assistants, and Resident Assistants.

Does the RA position require previous work experience?

Definitely not.  This is an entry-level position that helps students transition into leadership and proper service and work ethic. As such, we often hire staff members who have had no work or professional experience beforehand. Because of this, having a resume is optional to apply.

The RA Selection Committee

The RA Selection Committee is led by the Staff Selection Coordinator, Area Coordinator Lukas Metropoulos. Also on the committee is Area Coordinator Cody Sanders alongside several select Lead Resident Assistants and Resident Assistants. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us at (620) 235-4192 or by using the button below!

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